Classic tour for 8 days

A tour to Kyrgyzstan will allow you to enjoy the highest
mountain ranges, deep, narrow gorges,
stormy rivers and lakes.


Archaeological tour for 12 days

A tour to Kyrgyzstan will allow you to see the ruins of ancient
fortresses and palaces, while plunging into the world
ancient ancestors of Central Asia.

Family tour for 9 days

A family tour to Kyrgyzstan will help not only to relax from
daily bustle and gain strength, but also enjoy
swimming in Issyk-Kul.

Benefits of tours in Kyrgyzstan

The Republic of Kyrgyzstan is located in the northeast of Central Asia, and occupies the Tien Shan and Pamir-Altai mountains. The Republic of Kyrgyzstan borders with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, China and Kazakhstan.

Tours to Kyrgyzstan - a country that is famous for a large number of picturesque natural places. This area attracts tourists with a variety of programs: horse riding tours in Tulpar-Tash, rafting on the Chui River, bicycle tours in the meadows along the shores of Son-Kul Lake, trekking in the Tien Shan mountains.

And Issyk-Kul - the second largest salt lake in the world after the Caspian Sea - attracts with summer and winter holidays. Tours to Kyrgyzstan will introduce you to the unique national traditions and customs of nomads, which have been formed over many centuries.

Tours in Kyrgyzstan with guaranteed dates

Classic tour for 8 days
A classic tour is a journey through the main and famous ancient cities and sights.  MORE

Tours in Kyrgyzstan

Features of tours in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a territory where most of it is occupied by high mountains. A large number of rare animals live here, and this country is also rich in its flora.

Visiting Kyrgyzstan in summer or autumn, you can enjoy its vibrant nature and cultural events. Visiting picturesque places, picnics, hunting, rest on the shore of Issyk-Kul - all this includes cultural tours to Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan is a country of mountains. And where there are mountains, there is always room for skiing and snowboarding. We offer you excellent ski tours to the best resorts of Karakol and Suusamyr, as well as the opportunity to participate in heli-skiing.

Features of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a country of the sun and the highest snow-covered mountain ranges, deep and narrow gorges through which stormy rivers rush, sky-high mountain passes and beautiful mountain lakes, fertile valleys and high mountain pastures.

Majestic mountain ranges

Numerous mountain rivers

The beauty of untouched nature

Skiing and snowboarding

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