Mountain resorts of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

Republic of Kyrgyzstan is a country where 90% of whole territory is occupied by mountains. In winter, it attracts many tourists to enjoy skiing and snowboarding, and snowmobiling.
Ski season begins in late fall and lasts almost until the end of spring. The most "suitable" for the abundance of snow considered February and March.
Lovers of extreme skiing and free riders have an opportunity to get to the glacier by helicopter and specially prepared machines.

The ski resorts are very diverse by themselves. There are tracks of any complexity. They will be interesting to both beginners and professionals.
For those who decided to try an extreme winter sport for the first time - have the opportunity to take all equipment rental. In addition, you have the opportunity to hire an affordable instructor.

If you came for a few days, you can find here a comfortable and cozy cottage-class room: lux and junior suites as well as standard.
Ski resort "Karakol" is located in a distance of 7 km from Karakol town on the slopes of the great mountains of Tien Shan (2300 meters above sea level).
This resort is considered the most famous throughout Kyrgyzstan and throughout Central Asia.

A picturesque place with pine forest attracts a lot number of tourists.
The climate in this region is considered very soft and warm. The snow cover reaches a thickness of 2 meters. Skiing track are considered to be very spacious and the length of each equal in length from 400 meters and up to 3.5 kilometers.
Ski resort "Orlovka"

Ski resort "Orlovka" - is situated 90 km to Bishkek.
This place is very beautiful. There are hotel rooms for 6 people, as well as small but cozy triple cottages.

At your disposal are several cable cars, as well as a couple of interesting tracks, which range in length from 15 to 900 meters.
This mountain resort differ from others because there is a possibility to drive not only in the daytime, but also at night under the moonlight and stars.
"Heli-ski" in Issyk-Kul

This place attracts tourists not only its ski resort, but also so beautiful place, as legendary Pobeda Peak, Khan Tengri Karakol and Oguz Bashi.
The resort is situated in 2300 meters above sea level. There are four cableways and the longest tracks reaches a couple of kilometers.
"Heli-ski" in the valley Suusamyr

Suusamyr located in 130 km from Bishkek between the Kyrgyz and SuusamyrToo ranges. The resort begins at the 2,200 meters above sea level and its highest point reaches the 4,500 meters.

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