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Tour operator «Orient Mice» will take care of your tickets
and place of residence. Reliability is here
main motto of our company.

Tours in Central Asia

A tourist trip to Central Asia will allow you to enjoy the delights
local cuisines and get an unforgettable experience.
Discover Central Asia!

About Us

The tour operator «Orient Mice» is your personal guide in Central Asia with the support of a team of professionals. We offer you the following:

What do we offer

Trip to Uzbekistan

Trip to Kazakhstan

Trip to Kyrgyzstan

Trip to Tajikistan

Trip to Turkmenistan

Benefits of working with «Orient Mice»

The tourism market today is very dynamic. Periodically, both small and large tour operators go bankrupt and curtail their activities. Many of them seemed reliable to the average tourist and even occupied the top lines in sales volumes. Only constant monitoring of the market and knowledge of its "pitfalls" allows us to protect our customers from spoiled holidays, loss of time and money.

Our credo: reliability and individual approach to each client. The main thing for the tour operator «Orient Mice» is to provide an opportunity to have a good rest and organize a special memorable vacation for each of our clients.

The geography of our tours is Central Asia (tours in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan). For each of our clients, we will find a suitable tour, whether it is a classic, gastronomic tour or a family trip for the holidays.