Classic tour for 8 days

A tour to Kazakhstan will allow you to see and enjoy
with my own eyes landscapes of amazing steppes,
lakes and untouched landscapes.


Archaeological tour for 12 days

A tour to Kazakhstan will allow you to enjoy the extreme
mountaineering, water tourism and diversity
archeology, history and architecture.

Family tour for 9 days

A family tour to Kazakhstan will help not only to relax from
everyday bustle and gain strength, but also allow
get a lot of positive emotions.

Benefits of tours in Kazakhstan

Vast Kazakhstan is a country of amazing steppe people. Since ancient times, nomadic nomads inhabited a vast country and created their own unique culture here. The identity of Kazakhstan is also determined by the fact that over the centuries, local nomads have come into contact with settled neighbors in the south, Siberians in the North and Russians in the West. The amazing contrast of developed megacities and wild steppes makes Kazakhstan attractive even for the most sophisticated traveler.

Ancient settlements of Otrar and historical monuments of Turkestan; pristine mountain lakes, snow-capped peaks, virgin forests and deep canyons; real yurts, koumiss, hearty meat beshbarmak; modern futuristic architecture of Nur-Sultan and Soviet buildings of Shymkent and Almaty; Baikonur Cosmodrome and national parks the size of a small European country - all this awaits guests who want to understand what tourism is in Kazakhstan.

The landscape diversity of Kazakhstan delights and shocks at the same time. If you want to touch the nomadic culture and at the same time enjoy the incredible beauty of nature, then Kazakhstan should definitely be on your list of countries. And the tour operator "Orient Mice" will take care of the comfort in such an unforgettable journey.

Tours in Kazakhstan with guaranteed dates

Classic tour for 8 days
A classic tour is a journey through the main and famous ancient cities and sights.  MORE

Tours in Kazakhstan

Features of tours in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan offers its guests a lot of entertainment: from excursions in medieval Turkestan to launching a rocket at Baikonur; from the magical Ustyurt plateau and the waters of the Aral Sea to the modern ski slopes of Chimbulak. Every guest is welcome here, nomadic people know how to surprise travelers like no one else, because they know a lot about traveling.

Ecological and natural tourism in Kazakhstan is most represented by tours to the Turgen gorge, Charyn canyon, to the large Alma-Ata lake and mountain Medeo. Nature parks the size of a small state offer endless options for mountain hikes, swimming in lakes, camping overnight and contemplating the majesty of nature around.

And if you are a real adventure lover, pay attention to the numerous rivers of this region, some of which are great for rafting in Kazakhstan. Most natural beauties are located near major cities, so you can easily combine comfortable hotel stays with adventurous outings.

Features of Kazakhstan

Most of the natural beauties are located near major cities, so it is easy to combine comfortable hotel stays with adventurous outings.

Diversity of archeology, history and architecture

Amazing steppes, lakes and untouched landscapes

Therapeutic hot springs and therapeutic mud

Extreme mountaineering, water tourism, etc.

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