The Museums of Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz Republic is not only the majestic mountains of the Tian Shan and ancient historical and architectural monuments, but also a considerable number of interesting museums, which were built in the cities of the Republic.
Here, visitors can learn about the history of the country, interesting facts, see records and chronicles, as well as look at the ancient national clothes and utensils, and even meet with many interesting exhibits.

Museums in the country were built not so long ago and were considered modest in their expositions. However, the state does all it can to make them interesting for visitors. Today, museums in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan can boast unique exhibits.
There are expositions that are significant not only for the country’s history and for science, but for its art and culture.

The first museum was established in Bishkek. It is a museum in memory of Mikhail Frunze. The museum was opened in 1925.
Frunze made a lot for the population in any weather. He tried to provide medical and financial assistance. Thus, the paramedic gained respect and love.
He was also the commander of the Red Army and commander of the Turkestan Front during the Civil War.

You cannot pass by the Museum of History (1927). It is considered, perhaps, one of the largest museums in all of Central Asia.
The building of the Historical Museum was built in the central square of Bishkek.
In the museum are ethnographic and archaeological exhibits that tell visitors about the history of the Republic, beginning with the most ancient times. In total, there are over 90,000 exhibits in the Museum of History.

The National Museum of Arts, named after Gapar Aitiev, was erected in 1935 in the capital of Uzbekistan. Here you will find paintings and other exhibits that will tell you about the art and traditional crafts of the Kyrgyz people.
Today, the museum's collection includes over 18,000 exhibits.
These are drawings and sculptures, paintings of famous artists and clothing, carpets with decoration, and other items of applied art.

Also, in Kyrgyzstan, there are a couple of open-air museums. They are artifacts of archaeological excavations.
For example, the museum "Ruh Ordo," which is located in Cholpon-Ata. This place is called the spiritual and cultural center. The exhibits of the museum tell visitors not only about history but also about the myths and legends that are associated with the Issyk-Kul Lake.

In the museum "Ruh Ordo", you will find five chapels. The appearance of which is the same, but inside are the symbols that represent the religions of the world. This is Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Catholicism, and Orthodoxy.
A general list of museums in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan:

Specialized museums
• Bishkek's National Bank Museum;
• At the Archaeological Museum at the Kyrgyz-Slavic University,
• At the Kyrgyz State University, the Zoological Museum at the Department of Biology;
• The State Geological Agency's Geological Museum;
• At the Theatre Museum at the State Drama Theater,
• Museum of Private Space;
• The Kyrgyz Philharmonic Theatre Museum;
• At the Theatre Museum at the State Theatre of Opera and Ballet,
• The private museum of art and inventions
Historical museum:
• Karakol Local History Museum (Karakol)
• Nookat Region History Museum (Nookat Village);
• Kyzyl-Kiya History Museum;
• Tokmok Historical Museum;
• Alai's Historical Museum Kurmanjan Datka (Gulcha settlement)
• The Kyrgyz Republic's State Museum of History (Bishkek);
• Local Historical Museum of Suzak;
• Jalal-Abad Museum of History;
• Osh; United Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve in Osh;
• The Naryn Museum of Local History is located in Naryn.
• Kochkor Museum of History;
• Issyk-Kelsk State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve.
Memorial Museum
• Przewalski Memorial Museum
• Memorial House Museum; Frunze
• Maldybaev's
• G.Aytieva Memorial Museum Workshop;
• A.Tokombaeva's House Museum;
• S. Chokmorova's Museum and Studio;
• Memorial House-Museum of O. Manuilova;
• House-Museum of S. Chuikova;
• A. Osmonova's House Museum;
• D. Shopokova Memorial Museum;
• House-Museum of Z. Kaynazarovoy;
• Ata Beyit: A Memorial Museum
Literary museums:
• T. Satylganov Museum (Toktogul district);
• The Toktogul Literature Museum was named after him.
• Museum of Aitmatov (Talas region).
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