Kyrgyzstan visa

The countries that require or do not require a visa for entry into the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. For countries with a visa-free regime to visit the country,
For an unlimited period:

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Cuba, Russia, North Korea, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Japan.
For the period from 30 to 60 to 90-a-days:
Up to 30 days: Turkey and Malaysia.

Australia, the Vatican, Austria, Luxembourg, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Brunei, Qatar, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Denmark, Spain, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Bahrain, Kuwait, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, New Zealand, Estonia, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, the USA, Great Britain, Slovakia, France, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Iceland, Malta, Singapore, Croatia, Slovenia.
Ukraine and Mongolia have a 90-day grace period.
What documents do you need to apply for a visa?

In order to provide you with a visa, you will need to fill out a questionnaire, which you can send by e-mail with a scanned version of your passport.
After receiving permission from the Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you will get a telex number, which you will be able to provide on arrival at the airport together with the documents:

• 2 photographs in color;
• Passport
• visa application form.
If you intend to travel with your child across the border, you have to show:
• The child's passport (passport or internal);
• The child's birth certificate;
• Resolution from the second parent

For advice on visas in Kyrgyzstan, you can consult with the operators and lawyers of the travel company «Orient Mice».