Practical information for travelers planning to travel to the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a state that has opened its doors to travelers and, with all hospitality, welcomes guests to the country.
In Kyrgyzstan, there are hotels and inns for tourists depending on their social status and preferences. Guests to the country can immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere of ski resorts, as well as swim and sunbathe on the shores of beautiful lakes. It is also possible to walk along the ancient trails of the Great Silk Road, which once ran through Kyrgyzstan.

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The most convenient way to get to the Kyrgyz Republic by plane. To get to Kyrgyzstan, you can use the main international airports in Asia and Europe.
On arriving in the territory of Kyrgyzstan, you must fill out a customs declaration form (required in 2 copies). You need to be very careful when filling out the customs declaration. Do not forget to specify the exact amount of currency and other things that are traveling with you.

One copy with a stamp is for you, and the second is for the customs officer. When you leave the country, you can bring from Kyrgyzstan gifts, valuables, and currency, but only according to the extent of the amount that you brought. Not anymore)!

Any foreigner after arrival in the Republic is obliged to register within 72 hours at the local police station (OVD or OVIR) if your country has not issued a visa-free entry.
In hotels, exchange offices, and banks, you have the opportunity to exchange foreign currency for local. Euro, dollar, Russian ruble, Chinese yuan, and British pound are all accepted. It is important that the notes are not old and frayed.

Credit cards are accepted only in large cities. They are Bishkek and Osh.
Banks Opening hours: 09:00 to 17:00 (except weekends and holidays).
The working hours of exchange offices are from 08:00 to 18:00. Most exchange offices operate 24 hours.

5. Keep in mind that in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, it is prohibited to import narcotics and drugs. All medicines that you bring into the country need to be noted on the Customs Declaration Form, and you must present a doctor's prescription.
The absence of a physician's prescription or non-declaration drugs has a criminal liability.

5. When leaving the country, you need to fill out a customs declaration form again (1 copy). You must note everything that you want to take out of the country.
It is strictly forbidden to export from the Republic of Kyrgyzstan some minerals, rocks, food, and valuables.

If you decide to take out such things, you must have a special permit and a payment confirmation on these goods. If you purchase an item that has historic and cultural value for the country, it is best that you first contact your guide to get all the details about the process of crossing the border with such goods.