West Kazakhstan

Western Kazakhstan is surrounded by the Ural Mountains, the deserts of Turkmenistan and the Aral Sea on the Caspian Sea.
The climate in this region is extremely continental. In winter, the temperature drops to -45, and in summer, it rises to 45 degrees Celsius.

The West Kazakhstan Region is very rich in natural resources. Also in this area are widely developed economic relations with Russia. It produces oil.
The rivers and lakes that wash this land are Aralsor, Emba, Inder, Ural, Kamis-Samara.

It should be noted that the entire region, including the western part of Kazakhstan, was once part of the Great Silk Road.
Cities that are born again are considered very ancient, and due to archaeological excavations, a large amount of valuable material and historical artifacts has been found.

There is a limestone plateau there. Previously, it was the ancient ocean bottom, which in our time has had time to dry out and turn into limestone.
A considerable number of waterfowl live on the banks of the Ural River. Ducks, geese, swans, circling above those waters and attracting the views of visiting tourists.
In the northern part of Selo Kez, archaeologists discovered an ancient tomb that is referred to as the 4-5 century BC. It is believed that these burials were in the Saka-Massaget period for nomads that lived here in those days.
At 18 km from Shetpe is the ancient settlement called Kyzyl-Kala, which is translated as the "Red City."

Taking a walk in Akmyshsae, you have the opportunity to contemplate the Sazanbay and Samal gorges, as well as get into the tract of Hanga-Baba.
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In addition, you will have the opportunity to go on a tour of the forest, where in summer you can collect mushrooms and berries, and take a dip in the pristine waters of the lakes.