South Kazakhstan

The nature of South Kazakhstan's edge is very diverse and rich. This region spanned from the Aral Sea to the Tien Shan mountains, from Lake Balkhash to the Aral Karakum.
Desert areas are moving into a field with a vineyard and cotton. The territory of South Kazakhstan also covers areas with rice-growing and blooming orchards.
This wealth of flora and fauna in the region of Kazakhstan includes natural sightseeing tours in Kazakhstan, and they will be very interesting.

There is highly developed animal husbandry. Shepherds tend herds of cows and goats and live in traditional houses known as "yurts. "The yurt is the traditional housing for the Kazakh people. If you are at the home of the shepherd, he will certainly offer you tea and a taste of pilaf. And perhaps you'll be able to try mare (made from horse milk).

On the territory of South Kazakhstan, there are a large number of historical monuments and other attractions. This is one reason why it pulls in such a large number of visitors.

In a beautiful valley named Zailisky Alatau, which is at an altitude of 1,800 m, is a very beautiful lake named Issyk. In spite of the way that in 1963 he was struck by the stream, we sat down today-it was revived again and, what's more, is an extraordinary place for strolls and picnics.

Not far from the lake is the river Turgen. There's fresh air, crystal waterfalls, relict groves, and Saki mounds (which originated in the 1000 BC). All of this evokes a fantastic atmosphere, and it delights visitors with its breathtaking beauty.
Also, in South Kazakhstan, rivers gurgle briskly, such as Tekeli, Bark, Chizhe, Charyn, and a few of the most beautiful waterfalls, which are located in a very beautiful place and give magnificent, breathtaking views of this land.

In the eastern part of the southern capital, the Valley of Castles, Charyn Canyon, is located.
Charyn Canyon is one of the most beautiful and amazing places you can visit while on a natural tour of Kazakhstan.

Also, in South Kazakhstan, rivers gurgle briskly, such as Tekeli, Bark, Chizhe, Charyn, and a few of the most beautiful waterfalls, which are located in an exceptionally delightful place and create magnificent, breathtaking views of this land.
In the eastern part of the southern capital is located the Valley of Castles, Charyn Canyon.

Charyn Canyon is a standout amongst the most excellent and astounding places that you are lucky to experience if you use a natural tour of Kazakhstan.
When you get a chance to attend Charyn Canyon, you will probably find yourself in a fairy tale, where there are castles and palaces, and a gorge with ghosts and witches, which were created out of sand sculptures.
Overall, the canyon area is 154 kilometers, and its sand sculptures rise to a height of over 300 meters.

Sand sculpture Charyn Canyon preserves old trees that have survived to the present day since the Ice Age.
Kolsai lakes are located in the mountains surrounded by pine groves. They have crystal clear water and impress with their magnificence all who have decided to look into this area and take a walk on horseback along mountain trails.
Khan Tengri Mountain lies on the boundary between China, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. It attracts mountaineers and lovers of unearthly beauty and adrenaline. The height of the mountain reaches 7.014 meters above sea level and is part of the natural excursion in Kazakhstan.

Also, in the southern region of Kazakhstan is located the National Park Altyn-Emel, which is considered the biggest nature reserve in the entire Kazakhstan.
Altyn-Emel National Park is located in the western part of the ridge, Jungar Alatau.Its area is 460,000 hectares and it is also the place where rare and endangered species of animals from Kazakhstan live.

In the National Park, you will find not only rare species of flora and fauna but also a number of historic archaeological sites that date back to the 1-3 millennium BC.
Namely, Saka burial mounds "Bes-Shatyr" and "Tamgaly-Tas." There you can observe the cave paintings, which were created in the 14th and 16th centuries BC.
The Mounds of Bes-Shatyr are famous for their height. These sand hills reach a height of over 20 meters and a diameter of 104 meters. In the 3–7th centuries BC, Ibidem, Saka chieftains, and the great generals of the time were buried.
"Singing Dune" is considered another attraction of the National Park Altyn-Emel.
What was the reason for such a name is not difficult to guess. In dry weather, the sands of the place make sounds that resemble a melody that is created while playing the organ.

This sound can be heard a few kilometers away from the place. People who studied it were able to observe an interesting phenomenon. Despite all the natural laws and strong winds, the dune stays in one place for several millennia.
Kazakhstan is a vast area of ancient civilizations. And its southern part is an endless variety of historical parks, ancient cities, ruins of ancient settlements and barrows, centuries-old palaces and mosques.
Turkestan City, Arys, Yesim Khan Mausoleum Complex of Khoja Ahmed Yassavi, Ispidzhab, Sygnak, and Otrar, Ibragim-ata and Karashash-ata Mausoleums
Nature reserves include Aksu-Zhabagly, the Karatau Mountains, the town of Sary-Agash and more.

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