The Regions of Kazakhstan Central Kazakhstan

Central Kazakhstan—a sort of heart of Kazakhstan, with an area of 398.8 thousand sq. km. In winter, the air temperature in the vicinity of these reaches 45-50 degrees below zero, and in the summer, it is equal to 40-45 degrees Celsius.
In the central region of Kazakhstan, there is probably one of the biggest lakes in the whole of the Republic of Kazakhstan and all over the world; this is Lake Balkhash, which is unique for its mountain-forest oasis.

For fans of mountain tourism in this area, the mountains of Ulytau are a must.
Also, there are a large number of ethnographic and archaeological objects.
According to archaeological excavations, we can conclude that for many years, the city of Kazakhstan entered the Great Silk Road. In ancient cities, there has been a widely developed trade and cultural life in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Central Asian and Indo-Chinese items were discovered there.

Saryarka: This very ancient and very beautiful place spreads out from the mountains of Kent and Caracals of Kyzylray to the mountains of Ulytau and Lake Tengiz. The subsoils of the area are rich in minerals. There are over two hundred lakes in this part of the region.

In the Sary-Arka, more than 80 archaeological and natural sites have been found, which are spread throughout the territory. These are parking dermis and mounds like Klysh Aktasty Cave, Aydagarly, Mazar Ak Becket, and many others.

Karasor Lake (or as it used to be called, Tuzdykul), is located in an area of 250 square meters (km). The lake is rich in its abundance of fish and salt content. On its shore is curative mud. And this place every year attracts locals and tourists to take a therapeutic mud bath.

There are many legends regarding the origin of the lake. Our guides will be pleased to tell you about them. We will give one of the most interesting legends.
The word "balkhash" is used in English, Tatar, and Altai all at the same time.It is translated as "marshland covered tussocks."

According to the legend, one very rich magician in this city has the daughter Ili. And when it was time to get her married, the wizard said to all the people that would give her only the most powerful, beautiful, and rich husband. A lot of suitors had gathered.

All of them were from rich families and had a high position in society. But among them, there was one groom, a poor shepherd named Karatal. And by the will of fate, he was the one to get the wizard's daughter's attention.

He was fired as the house magician because he was impoverished.Ili decided to run away with her lover and galloped away into the night with him very far away.
Nobody can hide from the wizard, and when he discovered his daughter's escape, he decided to impose a terrible curse on the lovers.The Wizard created his daughter and her fiance in two mountain rivers, and to keep them apart, marshy lake Balkhash fell between them.

Many plants grow on the lake's shores, including willow and reeds, rushes and Eurasian water milfoil, pemphigus vulgaris, and even some mollusks.Most of these plants are rare and listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan.

The mountain range of Bectauata is famous for its pink peak called Bektauata.
In clear weather, it can be observed for a few hundred kilometers. This place is called "Beacon Balkhash". The mountain range of Bektauata covers an area of 4 thousand hectares.

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