North Kazakhstan

The northern part of Kazakhstan is closely bordered by Russia and is one of the coolest parts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The area of the region consists of steppes and blue lakes with small birch lakes.
The climate is sharply continental. Temperatures range from 45 degrees Celsius to -45 degrees.

The length of the whole territory of Northern Kazakhstan is 1,300 km by 900 km.
The northern part of the Republic of Kazakhstan is washed by rivers such as the Irtysh.

The main water in the region is the Irtysh and its two tributaries, Yesil and Tobol. Ishim, Silety, Nur. It is also a very extensive lake, with Sary-Kopa and Kusmurin, Korgalzhyn and Tengiz, Burabay, Shortan and Chagall, and Moiyldy Maybalik Lake.
Astana is the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This city is the main cultural and industrial center at the same time throughout the country.
Astana was founded in 1824, and at that time it was considered a military fortification, part of which was created in the Russian-Kazakh Karaotkel areas. Astana is part of a historical tour of Kazakhstan, and our guides will be pleased to hold a tour of this wonderful city.

In a small town at the time, they employed about 150 people. It was often held at various fairs. Including agriculture.
In 1868, the city became a county.
Industry Astana is known for its food industry, the transport sector, agro-engineering, and many others.

In 1999, Astana was awarded the title of "City of Peace" by UNESCO.
The city of Petropavlovsk was founded more than a few centuries ago. The town was formed in 1752 when the Russian military fortress was built on this site. Petropavlovsk is part of a historical tour of Kazakhstan.
According to its geological terms, the territory of this place is something in the form of lowering the earth's crust, which is filled with marine sediments. These marine sediments belong to the Cenozoic and Mesozoic periods.
At a depth of 200–1000 meters, a preserved Paleozoic reservoir underground
Most likely for this reason, there are so many seas and lakes in the territory of Petropavlovsk and its surroundings. Both salt and fresh water.
Bayan-Aul is considered a favorite holiday destination for local residents and tourists. It is located 200 km from Pavlodar.

On the shore of the lake, called the Zhasybay Recreation Area,
Two immigrants from Russia and Ukraine founded the Kazakh city of Kostanay in 1879.

It was built as one of the shopping centers, and they held different fairs here every year where people could share different animals, household goods, and food.
Gradually, began the construction of the mills, the small plants in a small village.
The 1913 played a significant role in the development and regeneration of the city. This year, the city was united by iron tracks with other cities, and this fact has contributed to the development of trade in Kostanay.
Arkalyk was founded in 1956. It is widely assumed that aluminum was created.Also, here is the famous Naurzum reserve, which was opened in 1931. This area is known for its abundance of rare birds and animals.

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