Religion in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, as a multinational country, has several religions. They can safely coexist and respect each other. In all churches, in addition to a deep knowledge of their religion, they also instill human values, respect for other religions, and a native land.
In the Republic of Kazakhstan, the main religion is considered Islam. In second place is Christianity (Orthodox). Then there are Buddhism and Judaism. Lastly, there is a small percentage of unbelievers.

Today, in the Republic of Kazakhstan, there are more than 4,000 religious communities and affiliations. There are more than 3,000 prayer homes, mosques, and churches.

In 1990, the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan was founded in Kazakhstan. The Spiritual Administration brought together 2,400 registered mosques.

Russian Orthodox Christianity has 299 parishes and is a subdivision of the Moscow Patriarchate.

87 Roman Catholic parishes are involved in Catholicism.
In Protestantism, 1267 organizations. There are five synagogues in Judaism.