Tajikistan has a humid subtropical climate

As a rule, the weather in the Republic of Tajikistan is considered very warm, but occasionally it may also be very cold. The variability of weather in Tajikistan depends on its continental location.
The climate of Tajikistan is considered mild, dry, and sharply continental. The climate in the valleys is subtropical, and in the mountains, it is cold. In the low hills of the southwestern part of the state, the winter temperature is + 2 °C, and in the middle of summer, it rises up to + 30 °C. In the northern part, the temperature is below, respectively.
Tajikistan has a mountainous landscape that prevents cold winds from blowing in and helps to preserve the warm temperature.
The temperature in some areas reaches + 48 °C in the summer and in the cold season; it drops to - 60 °C.

The warm climate with very hot summers and warm winters is an acceptable characteristic of the plains, located at 350-500 meters above sea level. In the summer, closer to the foothills, is the time when it is reasonably warm, and in the winter, it is the time when it is considered cool. The higher the mountains, the colder the air, accordingly.

Among the peculiarities of the country's climate, it may be noted that the weather is very variable depending on the off-season temperature drop. The temperature differs in the range of 28–30 °C depending on the season.
The basic amount of precipitation comes into the country from the west. The annual rate reaches 150 to 1200 mm, depending on the region.

Interesting facts about the climate of Tajikistan:

• The Hissar valley has rainy areas.
• Windy areas include Khujand City and Kanibadam.
• The coldest area is Murghab, and the warmest is Kumsangir.

Nature of Tadjikistan.
The Republic of Tajikistan is a small but very picturesque country where there are beautiful lakes, numerous rivers, and high mountains.

The flora and fauna of Tajikistan are very diverse. Here, you can meet rare animals and watch the flights of at least rare birds. Visiting Tajikistan, you will have the opportunity to visit beautiful places such as Ramit and Tiger Beam, Sarikhosor, and Dashtijum reserves.

Almost the entire territory of the Republic of Tajikistan is covered by mountains. Namely, the Pamir and Tien Shan, which are located at an altitude of 3,000-4,000 meters above sea level.
In particular, this country is considered unique and interesting for climbing enthusiasts. Canyons and gorges cut high mountain ranges where deep mountain rivers and pristine lakes are located.

Mountain Mogoltau and the Kurama mountain range ridge are located in Tajikistan's northernmost region.The length of the Kurama ridge is 170 kilometers.
The Ferghana Valley is between the Kurama Ridge and the Chatkal Mountain Range, and the Mogoltau Mountains. Its height is 1,000 meters above sea level.
The Hissar mountain ranges occupy the most central place in the territory of the state. Their length is roughly 900 kilometers.

The highest point of the Turkestan range is considered "Pyramid Peak", at 5.621 meters above sea level. The Turkmen ridge on the north side is under a thick layer of snow throughout almost the entire year.

How many mountain passes stand out for their beauty throughout the Republic of Tajikistan? Shakhristan Pass (3351 m), Anzob Pass (3372 m), etc. Mountain peaks include Block (5239 m), Ak-Suu (5355 m) and Iskandar (5120 m).
Finally, the world-famous Pamir Mountains! Annually, thousands of tourists come to admire the beauty of the landscape and try their hand at overcoming the Pamir mountain system.

In Tajikistan, there are several of the world's largest and deepest lakes. To be exact, it is Karakul, Sarez, Kulikalon, Marguzor, and Alaudin Lake. Of the legends that shroud the lake with their secrets, you can see that the water is considered sacred and even therapeutic, curing many diseases.

Tourists are very interested in the Guzgarf waterfall, which is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the entire country. The trail's length of 8 kilometers leads to it, but what guests of the country see when a long and narrow trail ends is worth all the torment! Before you, a magnificent scenic spot!

On the territory of Tajikistan can be seen not only the national nature reserves, beautiful places with wild and rare animals, the blue lakes, but also glaciers, whose age is more than a hundred years old.

Throughout the country, more than 8,000 glaciers occupy 8.5 thousand sq. km, most of which are located on the territory of the highest peaks in Central Asia. This is Lenin Peak and Communism, the Eastern Pamirs, a range of Peter the Great and Darvoz, the peak of the Revolution and the Academy of Sciences of the ridge.

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