Practical information for a trip to Tajikistan

A trip to the Republic of Tajikistan can be organized at any time of the year. It includes impressive natural places: high mountains, ski resorts, murmuring rivers, blue lakes, alpine meadows, Pamir, historical and architectural monuments of ancient, modern and ancient cities, and artifacts of lost civilizations.

To get started, you should book both a plane and the hotel where you are staying. It is better to do it through a travel agency. In this case, you will also have a rich variety of natural and historical tours.

The international airport in the capital of the Republic of Tajikistan receives international flights such as from St. Petersburg and Moscow, Istanbul and Bishkek, Tehran and Dubai, Frankfurt, and so forth. Besides Dushanbe airport, there are also international airports in Khujand and Kulob.

Visa-free regimу Tajikistan has relations with all CIS countries except Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. In total, there are 69 countries, which simplified visa regime means, in other words, you can obtain a visa upon arrival in the country.

At the entrance, you will receive a migration card, which you should fill out before passing customs and passport control. You also need to fill out a customs declaration form (2 copies). On departure, you are allowed to export foreign currency up to the amount specified in the customs declaration. However, the export of national currency is prohibited!

Registration must be completed within 3 working days. You can get a certificate of residence and register at the local police department and at the hotel (if they have a license for this service).

If you have a tourist visa, you can stay in Tajikistan without registering for 30 days. In addition to a visa, it is also required to obtain a special permit for visiting the Pamir.

Money can be exchanged at the airport or in hotels. In addition, there are a lot of banks and exchange offices in the big cities. Some of them work all twenty-four hours (for example, in large cities with hotels). Commission Cash withdrawal, on average, is equal to 3–4%.

Before his departure, you should carefully check all the important documents: his passport, registration form, a customs declaration, air ticket, as well as a special export permit for some souvenirs that you purchased in the country.