Tajikistan's natural region

On the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan is a large number of nature reserves and natural areas. Your attention is drawn to a short list of all that a wealthy republic has to offer and how it can surprise its visitors.
The Kurama and Turkestan ranges' adyrs.It is a flatland that has several "floors" with undulating green foothills. Rainfall in this area is practically never observed, and regarding its nature, this area relates to the semi-arid or even deserted zone.

South-west Depression in the region of South TajikistanThis territory begins in the mountains of the Pamirs and comes to Hissar-Alai. The area consists of multiple ridges and foothills with valleys of varying depths. Winter is more or less warm in these neighborhoods, but summer lasts longer.

Northeast of the South-Tajik depression. This territory begins with Surkhob, Vakhsh, and Surkhob Kyzylsu and covers the Hazratishoh ridge. The flat landscape is a rarity in this area. It is filled with mostly high cliffs. At the feet of high mountains, there are steppe landscapes and their steppe slopes with juniper trees.

Center Hissar-Alai. This territory begins in the Ferghana valley and continues to the South-Tajik depression. That is what sets this area apart from others.During the summer, it is quite hot and dry, and in the winter it is a bit chilly. There are a lot of juniper and broad-leaved forests.
Southwestern Tianshan Southwestern Tianshan is the Kurama Ridge Mountains and the famous Karamzor. Up to a height of 3,000 meters above sea level, the Kurama ridge is covered with dense vegetation and forests.

Pamir. The world-famous Pamir Mountains are located in the southeastern part of the Republic of Tajikistan. They are rich not only in rare species of vegetation but also in a variety of mountain slopes and ridges. In the eastern part of the mountains, there are high-altitude desert plains. In addition, in the lowland valleys, broad-leaved forests. In the central part, there are the steppes and deserts.

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