Hotels in Tajikistan

Due to its geographical characteristics, Tajikistan can develop the tourism industry in any direction.
As a traveler, you have a unique opportunity to travel around the country throughout the year. In the winter, it opens its doors to ski resorts. As well, it is possible to take a watercraft ride along the perfectly clear waters of mountain lakes and go fishing during spring and summer.

In the fall, you can fly on gliders, walk through the caves, ride on horseback, spend the night in local yurts, and feel all the sophistication of the life of the nomadic people.

Annually, it attracts many travelers to experience the interesting life of the Tajik people, to get to know their traditions and customs, historical and archaeological monuments, and the culture of the Tajik people. Because the number of tourists constantly increases in Tajikistan, there is an extensive scale development of inns and hotels.

You can pick the room based upon your monetary capacity and preferences.

Hotels in Dushanbe
Hotels in Khujand
Hotels in Penjikent:
Hotels in Istaravshan
Hotels in Kurgan-Tube:
Khorog Hotels
Hotels in Kairakkum
Kulyab hotels:

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