Individual tours

What is the peculiarity of individual tours?
First of all, these tours are focused on your preferences. And this also applies to the choice of route, guide, transport, hotel class, menu, price range, and everything else that suits you.
Orient Mice company offers individual tours to Uzbekistan with unique routes specially selected for you, which will allow you to explore this amazing country at your own pace.

Individual tours to Uzbekistan are an unforgettable, fabulous journey through the ancient cities of the Silk Road, a trip to Khiva, which is famous for the ancient traditions of carpet weaving and wood carving, to Bukhara, famous for its ability to work with metal, to the capital of Tamerlane, Samarkand, which was the center of human civilization along with Babylon, Byzantium and Rome.

Tashkent will pleasantly surprise you with its mixture of elegant European architecture, Soviet concrete blocks and modern buildings.

You will be able to visit the Chimgan Mountains and the Kyzylkum Desert, the Aral Sea and the Ustyurt plains in a short time. You will see the most colorful corners of Uzbekistan; on the way you will meet oriental architecture rich in its traditions and culture.

Our guides will open the curtains of traditional and original oriental cuisine for the guests of Uzbekistan.

Therefore, an individual tour to Uzbekistan is the best way to get maximum pleasure and unforgettable impressions!

Our company will be happy to develop a unique route for your individual tour, reflecting your interests and wishes, and you will be impressed by Uzbekistan for a long time.