of Uzbekistan

The cuisine of Uzbekistan is closely connected with the culture and way of life of the Uzbek people. With the development of traditions and lifestyle changes, new products and methods of their processing have been added to the diet. The diversity of the menu was also influenced by the cuisines of eastern neighbors, but in general, Uzbek cuisine can be easily isolated from the Asian variety of delicacies. It is worth noting that Uzbekistan is famous for its delicious and hearty cuisine. There are many different dishes that are definitely worth trying, and the king of Uzbek cuisine is pilaf!

Features of Uzbek dishes

The characteristic features of Uzbek national cuisine are high calorie content, the use of a large amount of oil and fat, as well as spices, seasonings and herbs. The range of dishes, as well as drinks— is very wide. Mutton, beef, horse meat, goat, camel and lean poultry are in high esteem. Fish in Uzbek cuisine is not the most favorite and main dish. Naturally, there is no question of eating pork in the cuisine of the Muslim people.

Another feature of this Uzbek cuisine is abundance and it begins to manifest itself at the stage of laying products in the dish. One culinary feature is very characteristic of the cuisines of the peoples of the world: there is usually half as much meat in a dish as there is a side dish. Uzbek cuisine wins in this regard in all respects, since, for example, in Uzbek pilaf, the amount of meat and rice is taken to be absolutely identical.

Onion lovers will also be pleased with the national cuisine, since almost all meat dishes contain a huge amount of this spice, sometimes one and a half times the amount of meat.
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This is a delicious dish of meat and crumbly tender rice, seasoned with carrots and raisins. Each region of the country has its own special cooking recipe, so we recommend trying all kinds of pilaf.
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It is an Uzbek flatbread, a national type of bread. There are several dozen types of tortillas, including "patyr", "katlama", and a special Samarkand tortilla. In Uzbekistan, residents are very respectful of bread.
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This is a dish of finely chopped meat and noodles served with rich broth. Naryn is quite a hearty dish, which is very popular in Tashkent. Naryn in Uzbekistan is often prepared for festive events.
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Manta Rays

This is a traditional steamed dough and meat dish. Large "dumplings" are usually stuffed with finely chopped lamb or beef and onions. The finished dish is served with sour milk.
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This is a classic dish that is cooked in a cauldron (cauldron). Pieces of lamb on a bone are fried in oil, and then potatoes are added, and all together they are stewed over low heat. The finished dish is served with onions.
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A dish that came from China, and is known in Japan as "ramen". This is a thick long noodles with meat and stewed vegetables, filled with broth. Also, there is "kovurma lagman", that is, fried lagman, which is served without broth.