of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has a sharply continental climate. Basically, the hottest climate is in the south of the country, and the coldest is in the north. In the northern part of Uzbekistan, the average temperature in December is -8°C (18°F) and up to 0°C (32°F) in the southern part.

However, due to sudden fluctuations, the temperature can drop to -25°C (-31°F). In summer, temperatures can reach 45°C (113°F) or higher. Humidity is low.

Spring (from April to June) and autumn (from September to October) are the right time to go to Uzbekistan. In autumn, the harvest is harvested, and the markets are filled with fresh fruit. Summer in Uzbekistan is dry, so you can safely go hiking in the mountains.

In recent years, the climate of Uzbekistan has changed markedly due to global warming and the drying up of the Aral Sea, after which snowy cold winters have become mild with less precipitation, allowing travel in winter.

Weather features of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has different climatic conditions in deserts, valleys, and mountains, and therefore can be an interesting place to travel all year round. Of course, spring and autumn, with their milder temperatures and beautiful colors of nature, attract more tourists, but each season has its advantages:

Winter in Uzbekistan is ideal for lovers of ski resorts, which are located a couple of hours drive from Tashkent. There is little snow in the desert part of the country. There are few tourists in winter, and the hotel will be cheaper.

Summer in Uzbekistan is very hot, sometimes up to +45⁰C. Therefore, this is the tourist off-season, and you can save on accommodation. It is better to go on excursions during this period either early in the morning or in the evening.

Spring is a great time to travel around Uzbekistan. The country is full of flowers and greenery, and the weather is pleasant for walking. At this time, there is a spring festival called Navruz, as well as several other bright holidays and festivals. At this time of year, the tourist season begins in Uzbekistan, and there are already quite a lot of tourists.

Autumn in Uzbekistan is a golden time for tourism. Pleasant, sunny, and at the same time, cool weather reigns all over the country. The markets surprise with a variety of delicious vegetables and fruits. Only closer to November, in the foothill areas, does it become cold, as in winter. Autumn is a great time to travel to Uzbekistan, but it is also the most expensive.