Group tours

Uzbekistan is a hospitable country with a centuries-old history and rich nature, attracting tourists with its distinctive culture, ancient architectural monuments, and national traditions.
By choosing a group tour along one of the proposed routes to Uzbekistan, you will see the main and most famous ancient cities and sights, all the grandiose, significant and obligatory to visit.

Get acquainted with the main monuments, their history and architectural features: Samarkand is one of the most important tourist cities of Uzbekistan, the capital of the Tamerlane Empire.

A large number of monuments are concentrated here, the architecture of which impresses with its monumentality and grandeur, Bukhara with its unusual atmosphere, warm welcome and the stunning medieval magic of Khiva, hidden from the outside world behind the fortress wall.

Orient Mice company offers you an unforgettable adventure in Uzbekistan - a country where the sun shines most of the year, fragrant tortillas and samsa are baked in clay tandoori in noisy colorful bazaars, and ancient monuments beckon with artful decoration and exciting stories of their appearance.