of Uzbekistan

The culture of Uzbekistan is most vividly represented during local holidays and festivals. Once at such an event, you can immerse yourself in the whirlpool of bright dances in national clothes, decorated streets, the aroma of spices, and delicious dishes that the smiling inhabitants of the country will present to you. By choosing suitable dates, you can enrich your trip to Uzbekistan by participating in one of the brightest events of the year.

Navruz (March 21)

This is one of the largest cultural and religious holidays in Uzbekistan, along with the Persian New Year holiday, Equinox Day, and Spring Festival. On this day, concerts are held, festive pilaf is served, and a special dish of sprouted wheat "sumalyak" is prepared. The best places to celebrate: Bukhara, Samarkand, Baysun, Ferghana Valley

Silk and Spices Festival (end of May)

It is a small but bright holiday that pays tribute to the Great Silk Road, along which caravans loaded with silk and spices once walked. The festival is held with colorful processions in national costumes and is accompanied by master classes of artisans and exhibitions of various products.
The best place to celebrate: Bukhara.

Shark Taronalari Festival (end of August, every two years)

This is a grandiose international music festival, which brings together folk musicians from all over the world. The main stage of the festival is the square in front of the Registan Ensemble in Samarkand.
The best place to celebrate: Samarkand.

Independence Day (September 1)

Independence Day (September 1) is one of the main holidays of Uzbekistan. On this day, fireworks are launched, concerts and other festive events are held. Sometimes several days off are announced, and the streets of cities are filled with crowds celebrating.
The best place to celebrate: Tashkent.

New Year (December 31)

New Year (December 31) is a traditional holiday that takes place under the noise of fireworks. On New Year's Eve, the cities are decorated with bright lights and Christmas trees. Concerts, banquets and soirees are held on public holidays.
The best place to celebrate: Tashkent.