Combined tours

What is a combined tour?
In fact, a combined tour is a journey in which different types of tourism are combined. Thus, in one trip you can visit the mountains, the sea, see the architecture and enjoy sports in nature.
In addition, combined tours are a great opportunity to visit several countries with different cultures and customs in one trip. By purchasing a combined tour, you will be able to actively relax, explore the culture of a new country and have fun.

Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan are Central Asian countries that have close cultural ties In Kyrgyzstan, you will enjoy the rich natural landscapes, its magnificent lakes, and see the ancient rock art in Chopon-Ata.

Kazakhstan will introduce you not only to its main attractions, but also to its modern culture and architecture.

In Turkmenistan, you will travel through the Karakum desert, see the burning gas crater in Darvaz, popularly called the "Gates of Hell", get acquainted with the traditions of carpet weaving of famous Turkmen carpets.

Here, in Turkmenistan, is the birthplace of purebred Akhal-Teke horses - horses of exceptional breed and beauty, of which there are only about 2 thousand in the world. Visit the cultural pearls of the East, historical sights and get acquainted with modern life, fashion trends and innovations of Central Asia, enjoy taste impressions and colorful surroundings, admire cultural traditions and Oriental hospitality, feel the charm of tranquility or adrenaline rush.

Thus, as part of a combined tour of Central Asia, you will visit all the countries of the region, and a diverse tour program will allow you to see all the most interesting things!