Sarakhs city is situated in the Republic of Turkmenistan, in Akhal province. This town is on the border with Iran.

Some call the small town of Sarakhs "home," whereas others call it "rural." This place is very popular among tourists as there are many archaeological, historical and natural monuments. They are date back more than a hundred years.


Sarakhs is a very ancient city. The Eneolithic period of the fourth millennium BC aided in the history of creation and development.It was then, in the territory of this picturesque corner, that the earliest settlements appeared.

Once, Sarah's was a part of Aheminidskoye, the state. The city quickly grew, developed, and flourished. This happened before the moment when the Arabs who wanted to take over the city and its inhabitants did not invade its territory. The city was the site of numerous wars and conquests, and it was destroyed over several hundred years when it was deemed uninhabitable.

Then, in this place began to appear new settlements. There was the Seljuk dynasty, and the city bloomed again like in the old days.

At the time of the Seljuk reign, the city was located on the Silk Road route, and it was very popular among the passers-by merchants. Since the city was the central location for commerce, it gradually began to generate interest among the Mongols, who decided to attack it.

Numerous Mongol invasions led the city to the next decline.

Today, Sarakhs is home to numerous ruins that remained from the ancient city, including mausoleums, temples, mosques, and forts.

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