National customs and traditions of the Republic of Turkmenistan

The Republic of Turkmenistan, as well as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan, stands out for its hospitality and friendliness.
The owners are the first to arrive at the table.Before all started eating; someone present at the table praised the Lord for the food and quiet in the house. This tradition originated in ancient times, and over the centuries has been able to take root in every family in the state.
In addition, as for hospitality, Turkmens have great respect for the older generation. Since ancient times, the Turkmen people have respectfully referred to their elders, listening to their advice and fulfilling their requests. Turkmens considered it a great sin to refuse their parents' requests or to argue with them. In a family, no one will look at the older person with discontent.

Turkmens are considered to be highly moral people, and stand out among the other nationalities for their generosity, honesty, and generosity. They especially appreciate the love and friendship, and they will never quarrel with the neighbors and try to help with any problem.

Cheerful music, rituals, and traditions accompany weddings of the Turkmen people from ancient times. It plays an important role, and the groom to the bride's clothes. plays a key role in wedding ceremonies. Every bride should have a special handkerchief in which she wraps treats for neighbors and takes gifts.

The bride especially chose a day of the week for making the wedding dress.
It depended on the welfare of the newlyweds. For the sewing of the dress, they used the fabric that the fiance presented to the bride. By the way, the woman with the highest number of children in the village was engaged in the cutting of the fabric. It is believed that if a woman who has many children sews the dress, then in the home of the bride, many kids will be born.

The attire of the bride and groom consisted of special amulets, which carried the role of protection against dark forces and brought in a new family well-being, prosperity, and good fortune.