The nth number of things to do in Turkmenistan

The Republic of Turkmenistan is a country in which modernity and antiquity are closely intertwined. The routes of the Great Silk Road, with numerous caravans of traders, passed through the territory of the state; powerful civilizations that existed for thousands of years were revived; traces of ancient Jurassic lizards were preserved, etc.
A tourist who decides to visit this unusual country will have to come back here repeatedly to be acquainted with all the beauties and wealth of the republic.
We can tell you about the few places that have preserved the former splendor of that time and were able to perfectly survive to this day, charming with their landscapes, monuments, and national value.

Plateau of dinosaurs. The dinosaur plateau is of world value due to the fact that numerous traces of animals that lived in the Jurassic period could be preserved in these surroundings. Visiting these surroundings, you will be able to observe the tracks of mighty tyrannosaurs, bird-like iguanodons and predatory bipedal megalosaurs. Petrified trails of footprints stretch for several hundred meters, and sometimes kilometers.

Among the natural monuments, the famous "Gates of Hell" stand out. In 1971, archaeologists conducted excavations at this place and accidentally opened an underground cavity. It was assumed that the fire, which began to break out of the ground, would subside in a couple of days. But that didn't happen. The fiery torches that burned inside the deep crater reached 15 meters in height, and over time, the locals decided to give this place a name-"The Gates of Hell". To date, the "Gates of Hell" are the most popular place that travelers try to visit when they get to the territory of the country.

Akhal-Teke horses are another amazing attraction of this magnificent country. These horses are considered the most famous in the whole world, and they are raised only here. In ancient times, the Akhal-Teke people were used in wars and falconry. They are considered the most beautiful, but also the fastest. The Akhal-Teke people are even depicted in the coat of arms of the country, and in their honor, there is a state holiday in the republic called "Day of the Turkmen Horse."

Nisa is considered a unique monument of antiquity and is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This ancient city is over 2,300 years old. The fortress was built in the 3rd century BC, and the city that was formed around the citadel combines the styles of the Roman Empire, ancient Hellas, and the Eastern kingdoms. The fortress walls were 8–9 meters thick and were additionally reinforced with 43 rectangular towers.

When the city of Nisa was the capital of the Parthian state, it was called Mithridatkert. It received this name in honor of King Mithridates I.
Such ancient cities as Gaurdak, Mary, Merv, and many others remain, to this day, attractive to travelers. Ancient settlements were able to perfectly survive to the present day, as well as preserve architectural and historical monuments in their surroundings. The landscapes of these lands are considered very picturesque. There are numerous caves, gorges, and a considerable number of Mountain Rivers with green groves.

Carpet weaving Carpet weaving by the Turkmen people is considered famous all over the world. An individual ornament cannot be confused with the ornament of another country. There is even a whole carpet museum in the capital of Turkmenistan, where visitors can learn a detailed history of carpet weaving as well as are acquainted with the patterns and techniques of carpet weaving in Turkmenistan.

Yangi-Kala Canyon attracts crowds of tourists thanks to its picturesque landscapes with steep cliffs and high cliffs. This place is considered amazing, but it is not included in the list of tour programs. If you want to admire the canyons that turn fiery red at sunset and spend the night in this wilderness in a tent, then you need to book a separate nature tour of this amazing place.

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