Turkmenistan's flora and fauna

The nature of the Republic of Turkmenistan is very rich in its diversity. Throughout the country, there are more than 60 fish species, 70 reptiles, 90 mammals and 350 birds. There are over 1,000 year-rare plants, as well as numerous Mountain Rivers and lakes.
The climate in Turkmenistan is considered sharply continental. Since there are dense thickets of trees and forests, Tourists on their natural excursions can see savanna, woodlands, and juniper forests with walnut groves.

Beautiful mountain ranges and alpine meadows conceal a herd of gazelles, kulans, Central Asian leopards, and mountain goats from prying eyes.
There are many unexplored caves in the entire country. Among them, Karlyuk and Kow-Ata. They are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The total number of registered caves is more than a few hundred. Furthermore, there are still areas that are thought to be unexplored.

As well as the cave, the mountains occupy an important place in natural tours of the state. The most famous is considered Mount Kugitang Arybaba, with a peak of 3137 meters above sea level. Unique and the slopes of the Mountains of the Moon and Mount Sunt.
In the western part of the Republic of Turkmenistan, the prying eyes of tourists settled on mud volcanoes. The oldest is considered the volcano, Boyadag.
If you love beautiful scenery and green grass overgrown with wild shrubs, you should visit the tracts of Kyrkdzhulby and Archabilskoe gorges.
In addition, it should take note of the gorge called Mergenishan, which dates back to the 13th century.
When we talk about natural attractions, it is important to mention the world-famous desert Karakum, which is located in an area that covers more than 350 thousand sq. km.

In Turkmenistan, there are massive reserves on its territory. For instance, Repetek, Badkhyz, Kugitang, and Krasnovodsk. It is home to the majority of rare and endangered species of birds and animals.

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