There is a region on the west side of the Kopetdag, three hundred kilometers from the capital of Turkmenistan, which is inhabited by the mountain tribes of Nohur.


This scenic area attracts tourists with its most beautiful landscapes, as well as with the fact that there remain national traditions and customs of the ancient mountain tribe, with which travelers can be acquainted.

By the way, Nohur entered the list of the hundred most romantic places in the world. It is located at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level, and it is therefore not so simple to reach this romantic corner of Turkmenistan.

The path runs through numerous passes and steep switchbacks. Nevertheless, when you arrive in Nohur, you will not regret having taken this route.

Houses that were built there have several tiers. There are orchards and small vegetable gardens next to every home.

There is a beautiful legend associated with this place. It is believed that in these mountains have been released all the birds and animals that were floating on board Noah's ship. Also, it is here that Noah decided to plant the seeds of the entire flora that he was carrying with him on the ship.

The region is famous not only for its picturesque corners and for natural attractions. For instance, if you decide to visit Nohur, you should look into the cave with the interesting name "House of Deva."

This cave is very deep and fraught with many secrets and legends. According to legend, the given place is home to mythical creatures, and those who approach it very closely are able to hear strange noises and voices that come from the depths.

You can also capture the highest point of the Kopetdag Mountains. Locals called it "three wells."

There are the meadows with ancient trees and the place of performance of all the most cherished desires called "Giz Bibi" that also will not leave the travelers indifferent.

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