The provincial small town with the interesting name of Kerky is located on the eastern side of the Republic of Turkmenistan.


According to historical records, it is believed that the first settlement in the area was in the first millennium BC. First, a small town called "Zemm", and then it gained the name "Kirk", which translated from the Persian language means "structure". In 1999, the city received a new name: Atamyrat.

Near the old city, there are many architectural and historical monuments. The well-preserved mausoleums of Astana-baba and Alamberdar mausoleum date back to the 10th and 12th centuries.

Also present is the historic quarter, which has reached its final days. Inside it, historical complexes were erected.

Local residents restore architectural and historical monuments that are located inside and outside every year.

A local history museum was built in the city. It is staffed by volunteers and, gives the cozy atmosphere of a small museum. In addition, there is a small library, in the archives of which can be found poets and writers from Turkmenistan and foreign authors.

Residents of the city of Kerki are very good-natured and friendly. They honor the traditions and customs of their people.

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