Gaurdak is located in the east of the Republic of Turkmenistan, in the foothills of the Pamir Mountains.

The landscapes of this area are considered very picturesque. There are several sets of waterfalls and canyons with caves. There are also a considerable number of trees and Mountain Rivers. 

Near Gaurdak, you will find the famous reserve, which is considered one of the largest centers for all kinds of geological research.

Thanks to numerous archaeological excavations and research by scientists, they had found a place near Gaurdak where they could preserve dinosaur footprints. Also, scientists have proven that once a long time ago, there existed a sea, which for unknown reasons dried up.

Being near the town, you can capture on camera the highest point in the Republic of Turkmenistan, Ayrybaba peak (3139 meters above sea level).

The natural tour of the city of Gaurdak and its surroundings includes unique natural monuments, namely, Bay Garabogazköl, steep faults of Greater Balkhan, Karlyuk caves, and Badkhyz Basin, an ancient mud volcano, Boyadag, and the trough Er-Oilan-Duz, Kopetdag reserve with pistachio forests, which are more than a hundred years old.

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