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Tours to Turkmenistan

Tours to Turkmenistan

Your trip to Turkmenistan due to historical tours is perfect choice to fully dive into the exotic of Central Asia. Republic of Turkmenistan is rich with a variety of delightful monuments and historical attractions, the natural beauty that surrounds the eastern country include golden deserts, beautiful flowering valleys and open spaces, as well as the blue coast of the Caspian Sea. It is a country with rich Central Asian carpets and jewelry, offers you its variety and flavor of the East.


Features tours to Turkmenistan

To fully explore and experience the whole rich culture of Turkmenistan, we advise you to choose our magnificent cultural tours. It is a country with unique traditions and cultural customs which clearly are displayed in museums and exhibition halls of arts of Turkmenistan. You will also visit the historical city Dashoguz, which is the main attraction of the country where locates the preserved culture and colorful architecture of ancient Khorezm civilization.


Nature Reserves and National Parks in Turkmenistan

Beautiful scenery, golden deserts, wide rivers, and natural beauty will delight you throughout our ecological tour in Turkmenistan. The country is beautiful and contains all natural wonders, scenic oases, beautiful nature reserves and parks as well as wildlife. The eco tours in Turkmenistan will send you to reserve Kugitan in the plateau of dinosaurs, where you will see traces of dinosaurs of the Jurassic period, you can visit the cave Cap cat and miraculous hydrosulfide source Keynar Baba, as well as the famous mausoleum of Astana-baba, which is considered the pilgrimage centers of Turkmenistan.

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