Serhetabat is located on the southern side of the Republic of Turkmenistan, in Mary province. The population of a small town of no more than 15,000 people. The surroundings of Serhetabat are very beautiful. Green meadows and diverse fauna attract attention not only from foreigners but also from local residents.

Initially, it was a small village, which only in 1967 received the status of a city, and its official name was approved in 1992.

Once upon a time, in this place was built a fortress called Kushka, which served as a border zone for the Russian military. Protecting the citadel guarded by the Russian Empire from the Afghan tribes and their constant seizures.

Around the fortress, a small village was formed where the military lived. A hundred years later, it has developed into a town. There were various warehouses, barracks, and houses for officers and generals.

The town is particularly unremarkable, except for the beautiful nature. In addition, if your trip goes through the town of Serhetabat, our travel agency, "Orient Mice," is glad to provide you with transportation and expert guides who will take you on a city tour of Turkmenistan.