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Kazakhstan (general information)

Kazakhstan – a unique state located in the center of Eurasia. Most of it belongs to Asia, and the smaller part – to Europe. Our travel agency «Orient Mice» offers tour packages all over Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan – is primarily a spacious steppe, mountain peaks, a little part of the woodland, as well as rivers and emerald lakes with rich flora and fauna.

Kazakhstan – a nation of the ancient civilization of the Eurasian continent. The Great Silk Road went it through, and numerous migrant tribes started their journey from that point. More deployed about the trails of the Great Silk Road, you will learn in the historic trip across Kazakhstan. Namely, what cities of Kazakhstan it embraced and how trading life proceeded there.

Historical tours cover the whole Kazakhstan, since there are about 27,000 memorial monuments and historical sights, which are scattered in every city of this great province. You will learn more extensively about all the monuments of ancient architecture of their history and development from the stories of our professional guides.

Kazakhstan is home to a number outstanding personality.

The National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan has a rectangular shape of a blue canvas at the central point of which the sun is spoken to with 32 beams and under the sun taking off steppe falcon.

In the middle, national emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan is situated of shanyrak (round yurts top of the vault). From it in all directions, diverge uyki (support) as sunbeams. All this is framed by wings of mythical horses.

If you thoroughly understand each of these elements, the image shanyrak represent home jointly shared with all people. The well-being and happiness of which depend on each other as well as shanyrak’s strength depends on the strength of his legs.

The mythical horse that is delineated on the State Emblem of Kazakhstan is Tulpa. Wings of the horse – the dream of building a great, prosperous and powerful state. They symbolize the pure thoughts, harmony with nature and world civilization, as well as the pursuit of perfection.

Two mythical horse on the coat of arms – a talisman shanyrak.

By the way, these horses was decorated with a helmet Issyk Golden Man.

The blue color of the coat of arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan – a bright future. It is impersonate the color of the clear sky above the people.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is considered to be a unitary state. Government is the President. Kazakhstan – legal, secular, democratic state for which the ultimate value is the human being.

Kazakhstan is at the crossroads of several continents – Asia and Europe. And according their area Kazakhstan takes the 9th place in the world. It borders with countries such as Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and China.

The entire territory of Kazakhstan is situated in four climate zones: desert, semi-desert and steppe zone. The most extensive is considered the steppe zone.

In Kazakhstan, there are more than 8,500 extensive and little streams, and 48,000 substantial and little lakes. Its northern part is washed by the Caspian Sea. Namely, there are a few extensive lakes in the resort. Such as Balkhash, Borovo, Zaisan, Tengiz, Alakol and others.

Area: 2,724,000 sq. km.

Capital: Astana

Head of State: President

Population: more than 17 million people.

Religion: Islam, Christianity

Language: Kazakh, Russian

Currency: tenge

Internet zone: .kz

The main organ of power – bicameral Parliament, the Senate and the Majilis.

Kazakhs are a very hospitable people. Respect for the guests always above all and peacefulness instilled from childhood by parents from everlasting. This country has never been cases involving religious or ethnic conflicts.