The ancient city of Dehistan is located near the Caspian Sea. The city is still very popular among travelers due to its many ancient historical and archaeological sites.


If you walk through the streets of Dehistan, you will be able to see the mosque from the early Islamic period and the tower, which dates back to the 10th and 12th centuries.

This city is situated on the route of the Great Silk Way and was well known among traders.

Once upon a time, there was another, even more ancient city, Misrian, in the place of the city. The ruins of the first city are preserved in perfect condition to this day.

The ancient fortress of Dehistan was divided into several parts. They were shopping districts and old neighborhoods with houses and a citadel.

In the old district, several mausoleums with caravanserai survived. One of the mausoleums is considered untitled, and the second is called "Shir-Kabir," which was built in the 10th–12th centuries. It also preserved a mosque with minarets, which reaches a height of 25 meters.

Today, excavations are carried out, and each time the scientists and archaeologists manage to open all the new and new attractions that could be preserved under a thick layer of sand.

The ancient city of Dehistan has not only cultural but also historical value for the Republic of Turkmenistan.

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