The climate in Kyrgyzstan rather continental or even sharp-continental. In winter and autumn characterize with frequent rain and even fog with cold winds. In spring is very often snowing, but the summer itself in these areas is considered a hot time of year.


In the spring, summer and in the first half of autumn the weather is sunny. It makes a great contribution to a wonderful vacation on the lake or mountain hiking.


In the Republic, the majority of land located on mountain passes, where the air temperature is much lower, comparing with green meadows of Kyrgyzstan. The wind from the west brings storms, rains and snowfalls.


Spring in Kyrgyzstan is very short. On May has felt a significant warming. Summer lasts until the first month of autumn. At this time, temperature reaches over 40 °C.


Autumn lasts until December and then begin snowy winter. In this season open mountain resorts, where you can enjoy snowboarding and skiing.

At the same time, you have to pack warm clothes. Winter frosts are very severe in some regions. The temperature often drops below -10°C, but there were cases when the temperature dropped up to -50 °C.