Balkanabad is very young and is a modern city in the Republic of Turkmenistan. It is home to over 80,100 people.

Balkanabad City is located in the western part of Turkmenistan at the foot of the ridge called "Big Balkhan."


Balkanabad was formed in 1933. This year, the opening of large-scale oil fields was hosted.

Initially, it was a small village. After 13 years, the village received the status of "city". This event took place in 1946.

At first, the locals called the town Nebit Doug or Doug Oil, and that has been translated as "Oil Mountain." In 1999, Nebit Dag started calling it Balkanabad.

The city gradually expands and develops, gradually turning into an industrial center.

At present, the modern and young city is the capital of the oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan.

In Balkanabad and its surroundings, today are preserved a lot of architectural and historical attractions as well as natural monuments.

Here, during archaeological excavations of the ancient people, sites were found. These sites can be attributed to the Mesolithic and Neolithic. Also, near Balkanabad are the well-preserved ruins of a caravanserai called "Tasharvat", a grove where elms grow and bloom, which are several hundred years old.

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