Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest religions that has a wide range of traditions and rites, which includes one of the most unusual traditions of burial of people. In other religions, it is generally accepted either to bury or cremate the body, but in Zoroastrianism, everything is quite different. Zoroastrians left the bodies on tops of special towers, which were called “dahmas” or “towers of silence”. As a rule, bodies were eaten by birds of prey such as vultures, crows and vultures.


Such a tower called Chilpik can be found in Karakalpakstan, with a height and diameter of 15 and 65 meters, respectively. The age of the tower is more than 2000 years.


According to Zoroastrian beliefs, when the soul leaves the body, evil demons and spirits rush into it and poison it, therefore the body decomposes. From this, the dead are considered “unclean”, and cremation and burial in the land are considered inadmissible measures since it was considered a desecration of both natural elements.


According to scientists, Zoroastrianism is the first ecological religion in the world, which was sensitive to the Earth and did not allow it to pollute.