Things to do?

First of all, it’s better to start the excursion from Registan Square, the main site of Samarkand.

The square is especially beautiful during sunset when the Sun frames three madrasahs. In the evening, a light show is held here, which combines the history and new trends of the city. After viewing the square you can go to the local Arbat, where you can relax in local cafes, buy handmade art items, and also send a postcard home from the local post office.

Then, visit the Bibi-Khanym Mosque and Shahi Zinda Ensemble and go to the Siab Bazaar

Bibi-Khanym is the place of the embodiment of mystery and beauty. The history of this place holds many legends. There is also a belief that those who want to be cured of infertility should come to the Bibi-Khanym mosque.

Ensemble Shahi Zinda is the beauty of ancient architecture, here you can just please the eye, and make a lot of beautiful pictures.

Next, you should definitely go to the Siab Bazaar for the best fruits, flat cakes, nuts of the country. Also, there you can find souvenirs and national clothes.

In the city, you can travel by taxi with or without a guide. The service is not very expensive. Everywhere in the city, you can find a cafe with national cuisine, but if you do not prefer it, you can find European and any other cuisine. Hotels in Samarkand can be found in any wallet, depending on your preferences.