Initially, in order to enter the Turkestan Republic, any foreign citizen have to obtain a visa.

To you received a visa, you must show a special invitation, which formalized a travel agency. The application to the invitation is considered  from 5 to 20 days.

Tourist package, which includes the conditions for obtaining a visa to enter the country:

  • Invitation;
  • Voucher for entry;
  • Registration in the Immigration Department;
  • Meeting on the border of Turkmenistan;
  • Book a hotel;
  • Guides.

Consular fees are paid at the time when you apply this profile to the embassy itself. The amount of the consular fees depends on the urgency and the period of stay.

Documents required for visa support:

  • Color copy of passport;
  • Color photo in electronic format (3×4 cm).
  • Marital status;
  • Length of stay in the Republic of Turkmenistan (the date of the dates within which);
  • The number of your entry into the country;
  • The current place of entrance and later exit from the Republic of Turkmenistan;
  • The initials and date of birth of the spouse;
  • The initials and date of birth of children;
  • Address;
  • Institution that you graduated from (name of the diploma);
  • Address of the institution;
  • Chair, department, specialty;
  • Vacancy current work (starting from the position of finishing work address);
  • Place of obtaining a visa;
  • Dates and objectives of previous visits to the Republic of Turkmenistan.

Warning: Scanned copies have to do with the original media and send in JPEG or PDF format.

You can get the visa in the city, where consulate or embassy of the Republic of Turkmenistan works. Also, the visa can be obtained at the airport in one of the states or cities on the borders.

Visa requirements:

  • Questionnaire (in 2 copies);
  • Passport (original and copy);
  • 2 photos (3×4);
  • Receipt of payment of consular fees;
  • Invitation;

Transit visa to the Republic of Turkmenistan, you can obtain without of visa support. If you show the tickets for entry and exit from the country, you will get it in any consulates of the Republic of Turkmenistan.