The countries which require or not require a visa for entry into the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. For countries visa-free regime to visit the country:


For an unlimited period:


Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Cuba, Russia, North Korea, Moldova, Tajikistan and Japan.


For the period to 30, 60 to 90-a-days:


Up to 30 days: Turkey and Malaysia.


Up to 60 days:  Australia, the Vatican, Austria, Luxembourg, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Brunei, Qatar, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Denmark, Spain, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Bahrain , Kuwait, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, New Zealand, Estonia, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, the USA, Great Britain, Slovakia, France, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Iceland, Malta, Singapore, Croatia, Slovenia.


Up to the 90-day Ukraine and Mongolia.


What documents you need to apply for a visa:


In order to provide you a visa, you will need to fill out a questionnaire which you can send by e-mail with a scanned version of your passport.

After receiving permission of the Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you will get a telex number, which you will be able to provide on arrival at the airport together with the documents:


  • 2 color photographs;
  • Passport;
  • Visa application form.


If you intend to travel with the child on the border, you have to show:


  • The child’s passport (passport or internal);
  • Birth certificate of the child;
  • Resolution from the second parent.


For advice on visas in Kyrgyzstan, you can consult with the operators and lawyers of the travel company «Orient Mice».