In honor of the 25th anniversary of Uzbek developers created Uzbekneftegaz360 application. With this application, users can take a walk through the various parts of Uzbekistan.

In addition to the application that was created by order of the company “Uzbekneftegaz”, presented collector’s edition, telling about the country’s achievements in the oil and gas industry.

Photos application, have been made with the help of special cameras designed to shoot a 360 degrees. These cameras help to strengthen the sense of presence and allow the area to consider in great detail.

“With the application, you can access more than 100 panoramic photos and video files across the country. In addition to the production of oil and reviews, users can also visit the social infrastructure, urban panoramas, social, cultural and sports facilities of the country, “- say in the publishing house Dinara & Co.

The content can be viewed in normal mode on smartphones and in “dive” mode with glasses virtual reality (VR).

To date, VR application developed exclusively for advertising and commercial purposes, for example on the basis of orders global automakers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and multinational companies. The app has been innovative in Uzbekistan since, according to the developers, it became the first in the world which allows presenting the country in a virtual format.

Team Dinara & Co publishing house believes that this application will set a new benchmark information technology projects, not only in Uzbekistan but also far beyond.

“The authors of the project intend to continue to work on the image of the country for export, dissemination of objective information about the achievements and potential of modern Uzbekistan”

Cross-application is already available for download in the AppStore, PlayMarket, as well as special QR-code on the official website of Uzbekneftegaz.