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Tours to Uzbekistan

Tours to Uzbekistan from Orient Mice

We invite you to dive into the east fairy tale – sunny Uzbekistan through the most beautiful and spectacular excursions and tours to the historical cities, where you can enjoy the whole beauty of the country, which has managed to preserve the traditions and exquisite monuments of ancient civilizations. Medieval minarets, madrasahs and mosques, handicraft workshops, quiet streets and bustling bazaars with a delightful contrast of the oases and deserts will remain you long memory footprints of oriental culture.


Features tours to Uzbekistan

Uzbek culture is extraordinarily beautiful and unusual, it has absorbed many of the great eras of kings and conquerors, have created a wonderful architectural buildings and unique structures, madrahsas, many towers of minarets, which is an ancient beauty and gloss. We offer you such cultural tours through magnificent cities as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Tashkent, Shahrisabz, Gijduvan and the Ferghana Valley, which keeps religious buildings, old historical constructions, which was passed by the caravans of the Great Silk Road.


Nature reserves and national parks in Uzbekistan

Do you want to diversify your life with fresh and rich colors, to enjoy the magnificent and delightful nature with steppes, mountains, deserts in Uzbekistan? Then you definitely need to choose one of our ecological tours to Uzbekistan, where you will visit all sides of its magnificent nature. Your trip will include such exciting trips as a great tour of the nature reserves and national parks of Uzbekistan. Favorable and good geographical location of Uzbekistan and its pleasant climate is a good place for outdoor recreation.