The 23rd exhibition MITT-2017 was held in Russia, in the city of Moscow. In the first two days, the presentation of the country’s national cuisine was held. The chef from Uzbekistan generously treated all visitors by our national dish – pilaf, people lined up in the queue to taste pilaf. At the same time, there was a wine tasting of Uzbek producers, which were also positively evaluated.

In the following days, visitors observed the folklore performances of Uzbek artists, to the roar of applause. National ensembles attracted great interest, but the most memorable moment for the guests of the exhibition was the national singer who performed live singing accompaniment of the national instrument of the rubab (stringed plucked instrument of the peoples of the Middle and the Middle East, South and Central Asia). The dancers in the national Uzbek dresses embroidered completely with gilding aroused great admiration.

Moscow international exhibition “Travel and Tourism” is held annually and is one of the five largest tourist exhibitions in the world. The exhibition gained a lot of interest, due to this was awarded to the World Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and has a great influence in the international society. Each year at the exhibition, the best representatives of the world tourism gather to demonstrate their programs.