The American service company and the world’s largest site about travels TripAdvisor made a tourist map of the world and denoting on it every country with it’s the most outstanding attraction. According to the site, the main attraction of Uzbekistan is the Registan Square.

The Registan Square actually is the most popular tourist destination in Uzbekistan. Over the years a large number of tourists interested in this place, and filled with positive impressions after visiting of it. So in 2015, the creative team from Germany came to Samarkand in order to arrange the laser light and music show in the 3D on the Registan Square as part of the festival. This team of experts composed of designers, historians, specialists in 3D mapping, directors and cameramen traveling around the world and organizes such shows on outstanding and historic buildings and monuments of the world. The show was created on the basis of historical facts and events, in which they were helped by our local experts. Thus, Registan was honored to be part of a large-scale show.