For many centuries the bazaar was a symbol of the culture of the Asian peoples. If you find yourself in Central Asia, then do not miss the chance to see the traditional trade with your own eyes, because there you can buy not only goods inherent in the Eastern countries, but also see many interesting things.

Samarkand is an ancient city famous for such outstanding treasures as the Registan Ensemble, the Timurid’s Shrine, the Bibi Khanum Mausoleum, the Ulugbek Observatory, but along with them there is another attraction that differs from the generally accepted format of the sights and this is the Siab Bazaar.

The building of the bazaar is built in the oriental style with a roof in the form of a giant blue dome. The main entrance is the embodiment of three arches, lined with blue majolica (products from burnt clay, covered with glaze and paints).The bazaar consists of several pavilions with a large number of shopping arcades. There you can find arcades with spices, fruits and vegetables, carpets, national garments and much more that you have probably never met before. From early morning people from different parts of the city come here to get delicious dried apricots, raisins, almonds, fragrant spices and juicy fruits with vegetables. In order to be convinced of it, local sellers with pleasure will suggest you taste all this.

The Siab Bazaar still plays an important role not only as a place to get everything necessary but also as a place of a social nature. It was here that people learn the important news, shared important events, experiences, happiness and all people sincerely supported, helped, rejoiced for each other.