Requests for guided tours from Europe to Uzbekistan will increase by 200-300% in 2017. Experts estimate that due to the Presidential Decree on measures to ensure the accelerated development of the tourism industry, the country will face a real tourist boom.

Tourist markets responsive to positive changes and concessions with regard to travel arrangements. Abolition of visas is seen as a sign from Uzbekistan – “We welcome our guests, we are open to tourists.” With the advent of the new season, which starts in Uzbekistan in March-April and lasts until the end of November, the country is expected influx of foreign tourists, whose number, according to analysts, will grow at least twice on the performance of previous years.

Uzbekistan will receive fold increase in the number of tourists from Europe. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the reports of some European travel companies specializing in organizing cultural tours.

“As a result of the decision to abolish the visa to Uzbekistan for the citizens of most European countries, in the 200-300% increase in requests for tourist trips to Uzbekistan in 2017”, – says sales manager for the Austrian travel agency Pineapple Tours Walter Hofer (Walter Hofer).

“Uzbekistan has always been a jewel among the countries of Central Asia, but the red tape and delays in obtaining entry visas to the country made it less popular direction. Removing visa barriers is a boon for both tour operators and tourists, “- he said.

According to the head of the German company Albatros Tours Jürgen Schneider (Juergen Schneider), a short time after the adoption of the provisions on visa-free entry system in Uzbekistan, the German tour operators have noted a surge of interest in tours to Uzbekistan.

“The number of tourists planning to visit Uzbekistan in 2017, has increased by 1.5 times. Moreover, according to our travel agents, in January-February, this figure may increase by several times, because at this time most of the tourists decide to visit “, – says Schneider.

Traditionally, the great interest of the French to travel to Uzbekistan is experiencing a new round. According to reports from France, the number of requests for visa-free travel is breaking all records. “And indeed, the French are actively coming to Uzbekistan for many years, enthusiastically responded to the message on the abolition of visas, – said Monchy Benaiche, who heads the French travel company Consult Voyages Monchy Benaiche. – Impulsive by nature, the French very much appreciate the opportunity to purchase the tour directly in front of the trip burning as improvisation. Lack of visas gives such an opportunity. ”

Already, a number of features it is clear that the tourist market of large European countries reacted to the new rules for visa-free travel to Uzbekistan the positive dynamics of sales of tours to this country.