The national currency of the Republic of Turkmenistan is the Turkmen manat.


According to the classifier, the national currency of the Republic of Turkmenistan originally had the name “manat”, then “New Turkmen manat” and after that  “new manat.” Today, it is referred as “the new Turkmen manat.”


Manat decided to issue the autumn of 1993. All banknotes and coins, depicting Saparmurat Niyazov. Saparmurat Niyazov, the former president of the state. This was before 2009.

Then, the state decided to issue banknotes of new sample values from 1 to 500 manat. They are images of great personalities and ancient historical and architectural monuments of Turkmenistan.


1 AZN new sample equal to 5,000 old manats.

The obverse of the coins absolutely all that are available in the country, shows the Monument of Independence of Turkmenistan.