The Kyzylkum Desert from Turkic translates as “Red Sands”, and it is considered one of the largest deserts in the world. The desert located on the interfluve between two rivers, the Amudarya and the Syr Darya. Since ancient times Kyzylkum has many mysteries and is a place of attraction not only for tourists but also for scientists, researchers and even ufologists. In the desert there are rocks with rather unusual patterns, if you will have a chance to look at them, you will be able to see the outlines of images of spacecraft and even the similar outlines of people in spacesuits. There is evidence to suggest that strange unidentified flying objects often fly over the desert.


The desert will be interesting to anyone, by its sandy massifs and saxaul of an unusual shape, which in turn attracts fans to take pictures. The local landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent. In the desert, it is difficult to move on foot, so it can be done on jeeps or on “ships of desert ” in others words camels. Here you can see the famous “Cemetery of Ships” in Muynak, the Ustyurg Plateau, swim in the well-known Aidarkul Lake, see salt lakes and get acquainted with the culture of local residents.