There is a legend about the Almighty, who after he created the Earth, began to divide it among the peoples where they will always live.

According to legend, in those days the Uzbek was very friendly and unusually good-natured. Therefore, when he stood in line for the land, he conceded to each and let everyone pass in front of him.

And now the moment has come when each people received their land and only the Uzbek remained. The Almighty was surprised and asked where he had been and said that he had already finished the division of the land. To which the Uzbek bowed low and answered that he had always been taught to love people, to be merciful and generous, and therefore he did as he was taught.

On which the Almighty with a broad smile decided to pay tribute to his generous child and allocated him a land that is like a paradise.

So the Uzbek got land between two broad rivers flowing down from the mountains.