The Great Silk Road is one of the greatest systems of ancient caravan roads of those years. Thus, a key exchange of cultures between the West and the East took place over the course of 2000 years.

Already at that time, the Chinese showed themselves as wise traders and chose silk as the main exported product. Since the silk is light, beautiful and pleasant to the touch, it was well appreciated. The technology of silk production, the Chinese kept in strict secret and for the dissemination of secret or the export of silkworm, grapes threatened death penalty.

For the first time, the caravan set out on its way to the Fergana Oasis, present-day Uzbekistan, in 121 BC. At that time, the caravan was loaded only with articles of bronze and precious cloth.

Due to the caravan route, China has also discovered many new things, including winemaking, growing carrots, cucumbers, figs, pomegranates, walnuts and much more. From Central Asia woolen articles, carpets, gold, silver, camels, weapons, glass, especially from Samarkand, were brought in, as the glass from these edges was especially appreciated among aristocrats.

Today on these routes you can make excursions, see the legendary places with your own eyes, the lost cities in deserts and hear a lot of interesting stories.