Tourism development program is carried out in Uzbekistan, in the framework of the 15 cultural heritage objects are restored in the Samarkand region during 2016-2017. Also, the program includes planting which is located next to the given objects. As a result, it may be noted that 10 facilities which included a museum “Afrosiab” already restored.

Rukhabad wall of the temple is also strengthened, carried out repair work in the interior of the mosque Makhdumi Khorazmiy, refurbished interior walls, exterior and interior surface of the roof of the mosque Masjid Gishtli.

At the moment, the new tourist service facilities  restored and Hazrat Dawood cave completely landscaped, also were built and created all conditions for pilgrims.

In Urgut district, namely, in places of pilgrimage completed the construction of sanitary units, traffic signs, fully renovated building, located in the vicinity of places of pilgrimage, built restaurants with national cuisine, modern recreational facilities, etc. In the mountainous region built a restaurant for 200 people and 2 objects for recreation during the summer.

40 km of road that leads to the tourist sites of pilgrimage was paved.

For convenience and modernization installing a wireless Wi-Fi access is carried out throughout the city.

Tourists are able to move freely on the territory, referring to the information in a mobile application in 3 languages (Uzbek, English, Russian). Also in this application are placed information about hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, cultural heritage sites.

The museum “Afrosiab” and “Ulkashunoslik” along highways M37, M39 constructed modern recreation centers, restaurants and other facilities, equipped with all facilities for people with disabilities.

In 2016 in the city of Samarkand were commissioned in the hotel “Zilol Baht ‘130 seats,” Old Town “with 40 seats,” Beck Samarkand “with 50 seats.